Rattlesnake Eggs Magnetic Magic Educational Stress Relief

Rattlesnake Eggs Magnetic Magic Educational Stress Relief

4.99 USD

Rattlesnake Eggs Hematite Singing Magnet Magic Stress Relief

Use For:

·        Educational Purpose

·        Stress Relief

·        Magical Fun

Have fun with magnets. These hematite magnets sing when they come together.

Try the Floating Paper Clip.

Tie a light sting or dental floss to a paper clip. Then hold the magnet above it. The paper clip will move to the magnet and appear to hover.

Try holding the magnet at different distances to see when the magnet no longer has its magnetic field close enough to pull on the paper clip.

Try this: Put your hand out and place one magnet in your hand. Then put the other on the bottom of that hand and let go. See how strong the magnets are they stay on your hand.

Try this: Put one magnet on a table and then put the other magnet under the table move it around and see the magnet move without touching it.

Throw them in the air and they will interact with each other causing a singing sound as they collide in air.

This pair of powerful hematite magnets is fun for all ages, 3+.