PS3 Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat - Battle the legions of Doctor Doom Dr

PS3 Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat - Battle the legions of Doctor Doom Dr

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MARVELSuper Hero Squad Comic Combat

Battle the legions of Doctor Doom

Take Down Doctor D!


Unleash the power of the pen and become a real Marvel artist to thwart Doctor Doom and his cruel cronies using the uDraw GameTablet (uDraw GameTablet required, not included)

Use the uDraw GameTablet stylus to lead all your favorite Marvel Super Heroes in the fight against Doom, including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, the Hulk and Squirrel Girl

Make "glyphs," shapes drawn with the stylus that will drop into the comic book world, to help the heroes in battle

Draw a curved line to indicate the trajectory of Captain America's shield, drop a boulder into the game for cover against enemy fire by drawing a circle and pinch your fingers to create a "zipper rift" to suck the bad guys into an alternate reality

Take on the fight against Doctor Doom with Squirrel Girl, joining the Squad for the first time in a video game, and her super strength, claws, tail and army of squirrels under her command

Fight to keep the pages turning and eventually defeat Doctor Doom in an original story organized into six comic book issues

Immerse yourself in the Comic Combat with the cell-shaded art style for an authentic comic book feel

Battle through a number of comic book environments around Super Hero City, including The Helicarrier, Baxter Building, The Vault and Sanctum Santorum

Earn Hero points and unlock new costumes, ink meter upgrades and more as you progress through the game

Brand: Sony

Platform: Sony PlayStation 3

Rating E10 + - Everyone E10+

Year Release: 2011

Type: PlayStation Network

Region Code: NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)

UPC: 75291999366