Protector Soundtrack Music CD by RZA

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack PROTECTOR Music by RZA


Playing Time : 43 min.

Producer: Ralph Sall

Distributor: EMD

Label: Bulletproof

Release Date: 10/3/2006    



1 Beat You Down - Young D.B. (3:10)

2 Tell U Like This, As Used in the Film "The Protector" - All Frum Tha I (3:35)

3 Baby, As Used in the Film "The Protector" - Maurice (3:41)

4 The Shaolin (1:58)

5 The Temple Fights (3:25)

6 Kham's Youth (3:05)

7 Elephant Chase (3:00)

8 Kham Versus Johnny (1:19)

9 The Secret Diner (3:20)

10 The Eve Of Battle (1:29)

11 Power Of The Bones (3:07)

12 Race To The Helicopter (1:55)

13 Stairfight (5:46)

14 Brazil (4:22)


Album Credits

Performance Credits

 RZA                                      Primary Artist, Track Performer

All Frum Tha I                       Track Performer

Young D. B.                           Track Performer

Reverend William Burke        Track Performer

Maurice                                  Track Performer


Technical Credits

Howard Drossin                      Composer

Peter McCabe                        Mastering

Ralph Sall                               Producer, Audio Production

Marcus Bell                            Composer

Ryan Garner                          Composer

Mike Baiardi                          Composer

Marcus "Boomerang" Moore  Composer

Peter Furia                              Graphic Design